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New Account Registration

BetOnline Casino has made new account registration really simple and I’m always grateful for that. They only ask for the basics to get started: first and last name, email address, ZIP code, phone number and date of birth, and it’s all on one page:


Download and Installation

It’s easy to find and download BetOnline’s software. They provide multiple links to the software for you to download. The first place you’ll find it is in the Poker section right off the main menu. I used Windows 10 since that’s the type of computer I’m on:

 The second place you can find it is at the bottom of every page:

Click the link to start the download. Once it finishes, locate the installation file in your Downloads folder:

Double-click the downloaded file to begin installation. The program will install to Windows’ default folder. The installer will guide you through the process:

Simply wait for the installer to complete the process

Once the installation is complete the software will launch and you’ll be prompted to sign in:

Once you’ve signed in you’ll be prompted to select a screen name that will be displayed in the poker rooms:


Depositing Money

Clicking on the green money icon at the top right of the poker lobby will bring up the banking screen in the BetOnline software:

If you click Deposit the software a browser window will open and you’ll be automatically signed in and taken directly to the cashier. Bitcoin and Credit Cards are the two featured deposit methods:

For US players BetOnline also accepts deposits by MoneyGram, Wire Transfer, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders and other Cryptocurrency methods:

BetOnline accepts the widest variety of cryptocurrency I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen Ethereum listed as a deposit method so that’s pretty cool:

However as you can tell from the main deposit screen BetOnline clearly prefers Bitcoin for deposits. After clicking the Bitcoin button you’ll enter the amount of money you want to deposit:

And then you’ll be presented with the Bitcoin address to transfer your money to. Simply scan the QR code with your Ewallet app, click I’ve Completed My Deposit and wait for the money to show up in your account!

If you’re using credit cards the process is even simpler but be aware that there’s a 7.50% transaction fee that you’ll have to pay to use your credit card:


Navigation and Gameplay

The poker lobby is easy to navigate. The main games categories are Cash Games, Tournaments, Sit & Go, Windfall and Casino games are listed along the top of the main lobby. For each category you’ll find the types of games offered immediately below. I’ll go over each category below:

Cash Games

BetOnline offers Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and 6+ games at cash tables:



Gameplay for Hold ‘Em was easy to pick up. Once seated you’re immediately given the option to buy chips:

Once you’ve got your chips game play begins with the next round or if you want you can check the box to wait for the next big blind. As each round is dealt you’re given the option to bet, check or fold as usual. You’ll find your best hand shown above the community cards along with the total pot:

When a hand is won the hands of all the players holding cards are shown along with the percent of the pot won.



If you’re into tournaments, you can find traditional Hold ‘Em and Omaha tournaments:



Sit & Go

If you don’t have time for a full tournament, Sit & Go single table tournaments are also offered. Sit & Go tournaments are smaller, faster and have more of a final table feeling than a full tournament so if you like the intensity of playing at a final table then Sit & Go might be for you. Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and 6+ Sit and Go tournaments are offered:



Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are called Windfall at BetOnline. Just to make things confusing BetOnline actually offers three games in its Windfall menu: Windfall, Jackpot and Flips. I’ll start by taking a look at actual Windfall tournaments.

Windfall tournaments are 3 player tables where the players learn how big of a jackpot they’re playing for after everyone is seated and ready to play. Here’s how the jackpots break down: The prize pool is equal to the buy-in multiplied by the multiplier level shown here:

Prize Pool Multiplier$30 Buy In$15 Buy In$7 Buy In$3 Buy InFrequencyPayout
2000x$60,000 $30,000 $14,000 $6,000 1 in 100,000See Distribution Table
100x$3,000 $1,500 $700$3005 in 100,000Winner Takes All
50x$1,500 $750$350$15010 in 100,000Winner Takes All
20x$600$300$140$6050 in 100,000Winner Takes All
10x$300$150$70$30102 in 100,000Winner Takes All
5x$150$75$35$1524,772 in 100,000Winner Takes All
2x$60$30$14$675,060 in 100,000Winner Takes All

This is the payout table for the 2,000x multiplier:

Finish Place$30 Buy In$15 Buy In$7 Buy In$3 Buy In
1st$50,400$24,000 $11,200 $4,800
3rd$3,600 $1,500$700$300

For all but the 2,000x multiplier level Windfall tournaments are a winner-take-all format. Depending on the jackpot level things could get very intense indeed! Windfall tournaments are played at hyper-turbo format with blinds increasing every 3 minutes. Here is a $3 Windfall game playing with a 5x jackpot multiplier:

If you’re interested you can even watch the action play out:

Jackpot games play off the Windfall concept but add the potential to trigger a progressive jackpot prize:

Similar to Windfall tournaments, players in Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments learn their max prize amount after being seated but before play begins. It wasn’t readily apparent in the website or in BetOnline’s Terms and Conditions what conditions would trigger a progressive jackpot:

Flip Sit & Go tournaments are simply tables where all players are automatically all-in with their bets until someone take all the chips. Frankly this didn’t seem all that appealing to me so I didn’t dive into this game too much. Nor did it seem all that popular in the casino client:



BetOnline offers table games in their casino software. Blackjack games, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Poker, PaiGow Poker, Oasis Poker, Red Dog, Roulette and Baccarat are offered:

A handful of slot games are offered to play in BetOnline’s software. Interestingly, none of the slot games were also available on the web casino making them exclusive to the downloaded software:


Poker Bonus Details and Wagering Requirements

All bonus promo codes are entered at the casino when you enter your deposit amount. Don’t forget to enter yours when you make your first deposit!

Welcome bonus NEWBOL is a 100% deposit match bonus for poker play. It requires a minimum deposit of $50 has a max amount of $1000. Bonus money is automatically credited to your account in $10 increments every time you earn 5000 comp points. Once redeemed, you have 30 days to earn all of the comp points necessary to claim all of the bonus money.


Withdrawing Money

BetOnline allows withdrawal by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple cryptocurrencies and the more conventional bank check and wire transfers. The crypto methods are fee-free and the rates for bank check / wire transfer methods range from a flat rate of $45 per transfer up to 3% of the cashout for larger cashouts.



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BetOnline Poker is surprisingly better than I thought. I wanted to find an alternative to the bot fest at ACR and Bovada and it looks like I found a good option at BetOnline. Poker room does not have quite as many players as those other poker rooms, but that's because half the players in those other rooms are bots! I just play the low-stakes SNG's - and was also able to find good games and the games and shuffles felt fair. Hey all you fish, come play here!